Who is Lil Pump?

“Lil Pump”, otherwise known as Gazzy Garcia, is a Cuban/Mexican rapper who was born in Miami Florida on August 17, 2000. This means Lil Pump is still a minor, but he already got his fortune due to the help of his cousin “Smokepurp”. Lil Pump’s cousin noticed that he had skill at freestyle rap, so he started trying to convince him to record. At first, Lil Pump said “NO!” but Smokepurp insisted. Soon after, Lil Pump’s career in rap music took off. He quickly made the top 3 Billboard Hits with the song “Gucci gang” on Oct 6, 2017. He almost had a contract with Warner Music, but it was voided due to his age being only 17.

“Gucci Gang” is a worldwide hit and reached 500 million views on YouTube (and still going up!). This kid is getting rich and famous. He is lucky to have a talent like that.

Lil Pump’s biggest influence is Chief Keef, and he already had a collaboration with him recorded.

He is a little bit of a troublemaker – he likes fighting at school and starting riots, which is why he got kicked out twice at public school. Lil Pump never got into high school.

Currently, Lil Pump is still working with his new upcoming singles. He already released a few songs in late 2017.

Lil Pump is into guns and weed – this obviously shows in his videos. It’s still a mystery how much Lil Pump is worth, but recently it seems like he didn’t have any problem crashing a Porsche on the road.

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Lil Pump hates J-Cole and keeps posting videos, tweets and even a freestyle rap against him. Nobody knows why Lil Pump hates J-Cole so much.

Lil Pump was good friends with Lil Peep, who passed away in November 2017. Although there is no official cause of death, Lil Peep was rumored to have taken drugs that caused his death. Lil Pump sent his condolences on Instagram.

Rap music has different styles, but Lil Pump did it his own way. This resulted in success for him, so maybe we should really trust ourselves and find out what we can do to succeed.

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