Katy Perry gives a 19-year Old Boy his First Kiss

Katy Perry made headlines last week when an American Idol contestant, Benjamin Glaze, was kissed surprisingly on the lips by Katy Perry, and it is blowing the minds of some audiences. Some are saying that it was harassment. This happened in the episode with co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Some news sources are saying Katy offended the boy’s right have his first kiss with the love of his life, but the 19-year-old insisted she did not offend him at all. Glaze agreed to kiss Perry on the cheek, she asked for a second one, and then quickly moved her face so the kiss landed on his lips. He was really shocked and Glaze stumbled back and said “you did not!”. Perry then put her arms in the air celebrating that she successfully got the boys first kiss.

Perry was defended by Co-Judge Lionel Richie saying it was all for fun (he a witness when it happened). Luke Bryan backed up Lionel Richie’s comments about what happened, many are agreeing it was just for fun.

Benjamin Glaze addressed the backlash on Instagram to clarify he did not believe he had been “sexually harassed”. He went on to thank Perry for “launching my career into the sky like a flaming cannonball.” It is a very rare opportunity to kiss a superstar – it’s like a dream come true – it doesn’t happen to everybody, and I think some guys are very jealous of what happened (most of all Katy’s fanboys…).

The important thing is that the audition went successfully and the three judges liked his performance.

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