Our Team:

Adrienne Blair – Founder and Content Creator
As the founder of Sugar-Free social, Adrienne is consistently nurturing her passion for social media. She has secured business from a variety of clients and drove a lot of traffic to their social media accounts which ultimately converts to sales and website hits.
Adrienne holds a B.S. degree in English Literature and Philosophy which fostered her exceptional content creation abilities and her keen sense for developing engaging content.
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Cassie Griffith – Sales, Marketing and Accounting
Cassie joined our team and brought to the table a wealth of sales experience. She has driven our marketing campaigns and helped launch clients into successful social media programs. She also is an irreplaceable executive assistant, managing our data entry and accounting.
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Margie Fogerty – Brand Strategist
Margie is our brand-strategist that manages the long-term plan for the development of our clients social media platforms. She is a go-getter who always approaches every new project with an enthusiastic attitude. She doesn’t want you to know this, but she has a (not-so) secret obsession with Britney Spears!
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Brian Zaiger – Advertising and Content Creation

Brian is in charge of content creation for our clients and also secures relationships with our advertisers. His area of expertise is web design and development and he manages the social media accounts for some of the internet’s most popular websites.
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