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PokemonGO Soft-Bans a Hardcore Gamer… and he Wasn’t Cheating

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A hardcore PokemonGO gamer tried to legitimately accrue a million XP in one day and got soft-banned for cheating.

Niantic, the developers of PokemonGO, have recently had to tackle a major problem with cheating in their game. Cheaters had been using bots to rack up points in the game that would allow the player to level up at speeds that would not happen by playing the game correctly. There were also third party tools like “PokeVision“, which showed all of the Pokemon on a live map that could be captured.

Recently, Jimmy Derocher, a hardcore player of the popular augmented reality game, came up with a complex plan to obtain as much XP as possible without cheating. He wanted to prove everyone wrong who said it was impossible to legitimately get a million XP in a single day. He also livestreamed the event on Twitch.

Derocher’s plan went well for about 13 hours but shortly after that, things went sour:

“No matter what he did, or what Pokeball he used, every single monster started running away from Derocher, and they continued running away non-stop for hours. He was triggering Pokémon Go’s anti-cheat measures after amassing around 600,000 XP through completely legit means.” –Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku

What happened to Derocher is what’s known as a “soft-ban”. A soft-ban is not a permanent ban from the game, but is more like a time-out where the player is unable to make any new achievements for a few hours. Because he was racking up XP so quickly, it triggered the anti-cheat measures which resulted in the temporary ban.

Derocher believes the soft-ban implementation is hurting players. He states: “I’m a bit of a hardcore gamer and I play somewhat efficiently, but the point is that I shouldn’t be hitting a 24 hr ban limit in just over half that time,” Derocher said. “Bots are far more efficient than humans are, and I think the effective soft ban was put in haphazardly…hurting a lot more players than I think they expected.” (Game Cheat Space)

He also tweeted to Niantic founder, John Hanke asking for a whitelist:

There is a silver lining to this story. Derocher was able to raise money during his livestream and will donate about $50-60 to charity.

Photo Credit: Jordan Bajc, Flickr Creative Commons

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