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Evalion’s Anti-Semitic YouTube Channel is Pulled

Written by adezero

Earlier today, a popular YouTube channel created by a young Nazi-supporting girl who goes by Evalion, was shut down due to “hate speech”.

This happened shortly after satirist and self-described “memelord” LeafyIsHere made a video calling attention to her channel:

Evalion has made comments on her Twitter account that free speech no longer exists and some people are agreeing with her:

And as expected, others are on YouTube’s side:

Supporters are now tweeting #UnBanEvalion:

Others are asking if it is a slippery slope to other channels being banned for content YouTube disagrees with:

Should YouTube allow anti-semetic content on their platform? Should they adhere to free speech, even though they have the right to terminate any channel at their own discretion?

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  • V Pruszynski

    While youtube does technically have the right to ban these videos, as freedom of speech doesn’t apply to speech on corporate platforms, the question needs to be asked: Why doesn’t youtube ban channels by Muslims saying the exact same thing?

    • kwh

      I think you find that there has been a lot of work recently on identifying Jihadi propaganda and closing accounts… I suspect that it’s a lot harder to identify a preacher whose YouTube sermons turn into rants calling for death to the infidel in Arabic 40 minutes in than it is to identify a video from somebody who starts off with ‘Hi, I’m a proud Nazi…’ and goes downhill from there…

  • kwh

    She has a perfect right to freedom of speech. She doesn’t have a perfect right to expect YouTube to give her a global platform to speak from, to their staff, management & shareholder disgust and their financial disadvantage, possibly even their legal disadvantage in Germany & Austria where nazi symbols & ideology are expressly banned (given that last time they were deployed openly in those countries, 6 million people were murdered with brutal industrial efficiency and then the country was stomped on by basically the entire world, you’d forgive them that right?), would be entirely wrong. If she wants to publish her vile, hateful views on the internet, she has to find somebody who will host the videos for her and pay for the bandwidth costs to serve them, or buy her own server and connection, and host them herself. I’m sure there are other disgusting nazi scum who own servers and net connections who would help a pretty girl out.

    • G P A Martin

      There are songs written during the Nazi period that are banned in Austria. One can play them in other countrys, and Youtube prompts a warning that they may offend. Youtube has the means to warn users of potential offence, but too many of the public are prone to histrionics so Youtube chooses to cave. Go ahead, grab that stamp and mark what you don’t like “this is against your will and mustn’t be heard”

      • kwh

        Right to free speech, and right to publish whatever you like, does not imply a right to force somebody else to publish that same thing against their will. There’s no law in the USA, where Google are based, that would prevent you or her from setting up their own NaziTube service, in fact you’d probably find that a number of the White Supremacist groups in the USA would aspire to have such a service provider, and could they find a rich enough benefactor, they might already have one, save that finding advertisers or a mass audience for an unashamedly Nazi video streaming service might be… err… challenging.

        It’s true that in principle Germany shouldn’t be censoring holocaust deniers and stopping people goose stepping up and down the streets of its cities with swastikas on if that’s their bag, but… umm… Germany would quite like not to be an international pariah nation, or to start on a slippery slope to another holocaust and subsequent national obliteration, so I’m quite prepared to accept that pragmatism trumps principle in their case…

  • Lisa G.

    As Churchill once said “the victors write history.” Dare to challenge the victors ideologies or bring forth counter perspectives, and you’re immediately shut down with “hate speech.” Unfortunately, that’s what “hate speech” truly is — challenging or daring to bring forth perspectives in which are counter to the status quo. Fortunately, all YouTube really did was prove Evalion’s points.