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Feminist Frequency Supporter Anne Wheaton Quits Twitter

Written by adezero

A self-proclaimed nerd, and wife of Wil Wheaton, has recently deleted her Twitter account stating in her blog that “it just isn’t fun anymore, so I need to walk away from it and that’s okay.” Her twittercide came shortly after her husband went on a mass-blocking spree, blocking anyone who wrote the words “Shut up, Wesley

“Shut up, Wesley” is a famous line from the fictional TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, where he played “Wesley Crusher”, a young character that wasn’t always well received by fans of the show. Captain Picard says this line when Wesley tries to warn the crew that they are talking to Data’s evil twin.

Encyclopedia Dramatica (EDdotSE), a wiki that defines itself as “a central catalog for organized reference pages about drama, memes, e-pals and other interesting happenings on the Internets” began retweeting some of Anne’s Tweets after they and many of their followers were blocked by Wil Wheaton. Anne has been unpopular with Encyclopedia Dramatica and Gamergate fans ever since she donated to Feminist Frequency, a web-show that is often detested for their complaints about sexism in video games, their call to censor those games and their frequent requests for donations. The host of Feminist Frequency, Anita Sarkeesian, also has a background in pyramid schemes, which for many, brings into question her own set of ethics. Once Encyclopedia Dramatica retweeted Anne’s tweets, a flurry of responses came in that ultimately led to her deleting her account altogether.

Here are some of the more notable tweets that preceded Anne’s depart from Twitter:

And some that came after her twittercide:

And the GamerGate crowd weighs in in response to Brianna Wu:

Will Anne come back to Twitter? She mentions in the comments of her blog that Twitter gives her 30 days to decide before they delete it forever and hints that she could possibly return. As for Wil Wheaton, he’s still active on Twitter and continues to build his block-list which now includes over 12,000 users.

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  • Allyson Clermont

    She should hire Butters to filter through the mean comments.

  • mrbraindead12 .

    I was only trying to drive home a point, and I was being especially cruel for a specific reason: She’s the kind of person that reinforces the idea that Twitter should police the language of its users, rather than its users not using tools that are available to them to block unsavory people. Me? I’m a rational, intelligent, open-minded individual who doesn’t like to see the rights of others taken away because someone is crying “Woe is upon me, poor pitiful me I’m oppressed” when the fucking block button is right there. She’s a pro-fascist, anti-freedom kind of person. She’d say the same thing about me. There’s no end to the hypocrisy on her side though, which is abhorrent and rampant.