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Did Hackers Actually Help the Ashley Madison Site Grow?

Written by adezero

Earlier this year, the notorious adult site, “Ashley Madison” had its data breached by a group of hackers known as the “Impact Team.” Ashley Madison is a dating site that facilitates extramarital affairs. The hackers were able to steal and leak data that included 25 gigabytes of detailed personal information including the data of some high profile public figures like TV’s Josh Duggar and a Florida State Attorney.

Many people speculated that these events that transpired over the summer would lead to the demise of the Ashley Madison site. Now however, a spokesperson for Ashley Madison says that their numbers are growing. Prior to the hack, Ashley Madison had 39 million members, now they have 41 million. This leads many to believe that the hack actually served as publicity for the site, which is the opposite of what was intended.

“What’s behind the apparent customer growth? A spokesman for Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life Media isn’t saying. He said the website had no update to provide since its last statement on August 31, and it would not comment for this report.” -David Goldman, CNN Money

Ashley Madison was shown to have huge security holes and mismanagement of customer data. Do the new users think Ashley Madison has implemented better privacy and security since the hack? It was also revealed that Ashley Madison used fake accounts to help lure people into the site… how many of these “new members” are also fake?

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