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Are Women with Tattoos More Confident than Those Without?

Written by Cassie Griffith

A study conducted by researchers at Texas Tech University surveyed a sample of around 2,400 female college students and found that women with four or more tattoos tend to have higher levels of self-esteem in comparison to their peers who had less or none.

There are a couple of theories as to why girls with four or more tattoos have more confidence. One theory is that the women getting the tattoos know that people with tattoos are often judged more harshly, so they must naturally have confidence in order to be unaffected by judgement from others. Another supposition is that women with tattoos are more in tune with their identity and that is why they wear body art to symbolize who they are.

Jerome Koch, PhD, head of this study and professor and associate chair of sociology at Texas Tech University, has some positive things to say about body art:

“Despite the reason why some women get tattoos, Koch says he hopes his work will help show that body art is emerging more as a form of empowerment, rather than simply a “mark of deviance.” –Yahoo Health

Do you have tattoos? If you have more than 4 tattoos, do you feel that you are more confident than other women?

We think it would be interesting to see a similar study done about men.

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