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Will Flash Survive after being Dumped by Facebook?

Written by Cassie Griffith

Facebook will no longer use Flash for videos played on it’s site. The reason for this is because Flash is considered too buggy and vulnerable to browser-based attacks. Instead of Flash, Facebook will switch to HTML5 which doesn’t require a plug-in.

“Facebook’s Daniel Baulig writes that going to HTML5 means the company can “tap into the excellent tooling that exists in browsers, among the open source community, and at Facebook in general. Not having to recompile code and being able to apply changes directly in the browser allow us to move fast.” -Tech Week Europe

There is one problem with the switch in that it will be too slow for older browsers. However in these instances, Facebook will not use HTML5. Flash will still be used for Facebook games at this time.

Do you think Adobe will be able to save Flash?

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Cassie Griffith

  • Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Finally. Facebook was one of the last holdouts. Flash is dying, as it should be.

  • Nathan Forester

    Eh, it will be fine.