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Facebook Marketing For Business

Written by Margie Fogerty

Of the social media platforms, Facebook has to be one of the most used for business marketing. Since the introduction of social media marketing, Facebook has seen a lot of businesses implement resources into their pages order to manage a successful social media program. You are probably wondering, what are the benefits of using Facebook over other social media and marketing platforms? The most common method is through the creation of business pages, the benefits of which include:

Cost Efficiency

The initial cost of creating a Facebook business page is zero. That is excluding the data costs which are too minimal to even consider. You could use a designer to customize the page for you with graphic interface but that is not really compulsory or even necessary. Compared to other marketing platforms, say for instance TV advertising, Facebook can be a very cost effective method of marketing if your promotion efforts are geared in the right direction.

Increasing Traffic To Your Business

Social media traffic is great for conversion rates. The more traffic you have to your site, the higher your conversion rates. Using your Facebook business page to share links to your website or page will increase social signals and ultimately affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a positive way. This leads us to our next benefit:

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is a great way to earn yourself more business. While there are many other SEO tools to be used, they all rely on social media at one point or the other. If you did a quick Google search of your keywords, you may end up with many results from many other websites. As a matter of fact, your site may not even be on the first page. However, if you have a strong online presence on Facebook, the first result that shows up is usually a link to your Facebook page. In order to maximize your website’s exposure, include the URL to your site on the “About” section of your business page.


Not many social networks give you a platform to analyze your marketing progress. However, by using “Facebook Insights”, you can check the analysis of your business page. You can even check the progress of individual posts among many other things. Facebook insights are a Google Analytics of sorts, but for Facebook.

Target Audience

If you have a dog product, your potential market is those who have dogs. If you could only reach these individuals, then you stand a better chance of increasing your sales. Facebook includes features through which you can target your audience. This makes your marketing strategies more efficient and increases your conversion rates.

Facebook gives you access to over 1 Billion people. That is a very large potential market. However, we all know that marketing is only as efficient as its relevance to an audience. Contact us at adrienne@sugarfreesocial.con to learn about how we can optimize your social media program today.

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