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The Benefits of Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Written by Adrienne

Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest and others have had a great impact on the way people interact online and how they conduct their businesses. Prior to the era of tweets, status updates, pinning and image uploads, many businesses relied heavily on traditional marketing methods such as press releases and print, radio and television advertising. However, with the advent of the internet, more and more people are turning to the internet to find the goods and services they want, forcing businesses to adjust their marketing strategies in order to reach this online demographic. Social media marketing involves communicating with online customers who are increasingly demanding more hands on and candid interactions with the companies they do business with. As a result platforms like twitter are seeing more and more business signing up in order to reach their targeted customers, drive traffic to their websites, and ultimately, convert those visitors into customers who will purchase their products again and again.

Benefits of Twitter in Social Media Marketing

1. Access to greater numbers of potential customers: with over 500 million subscribers, Twitter provides a cheap, quick and easy way to reach people and tell them about your products and services. 72% of millennials have been found to conduct online research before visiting a particular store to purchase goods. Further, millions of people now prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes by simply clicking a button and filling in a few simple details.

2. Greater customer loyalty: 53% of customers who follow a business’s Twitter page are more likely to purchase goods and services from that particular company. Further, direct interaction with customer service representatives on a firm’s twitter page has been found to result in more satisfied customers and increase brand loyalty.

3. Cheaper marketing costs: Using Twitter to market products is infinitely cheaper than using traditional advertising methods. Further, you only need to spend an hour or so a day in order to reach your customers which ultimately saves on staff and internet costs.

4. High SEO ranking: Twitter pages which are highly active tend to rank higher on search engine rankings which drives even more traffic to your website and results in higher sales conversions.

Twitter and other social media platforms are the next frontier in business marketing and will help companies to reach larger numbers of customers, convert more sales, and ultimately make the large profits that are their raison d’être.

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